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Does Montrez & Co. have a physical retail store?
Montrez & Co. is an expanding corporation with corporate establishment in Hong Kong. We have recently move our new showroom and we aim to provide the best experience to our customers.
Can I offer a lower price for a watch?
Some watches featured on our website offer the option for you to submit an offer. Our aim is to promptly respond to your offers during business hours. In the event that your offer is declined, we may reach out to you with a counteroffer. Conversely, if your offer is accepted, we strongly encourage you to finalize the transaction expeditiously. Please note that the watch will continue to be available for sale until the checkout process is successfully completed.
Why is the brand retail price lower than your price?
Some watches that enjoy considerable demand can command a higher value on the secondary market compared to their initial retail price. Our pricing team comprises watch market specialists who diligently strive to provide you with access to the most sought-after watches at a fair market price. We work tirelessly to ensure that you can acquire these highly coveted timepieces at prices that accurately reflect their popularity and value in the market.
Can I view a watch in person before purchasing it?
We welcome you to reach out to our showroom if you wish to examine a particular watch in person. In the event that the desired watch is not available at our store, we encourage you to contact your dedicated Client Advisor, who will provide you with comprehensive information and assistance.
Can you source a specific watch for me?
We are delighted to assist you with any watch you are interested in purchasing! As we handle a substantial number of watches, it is possible that the specific watch you are seeking is already within our inventory. We recommend reaching out to a Client Advisor who will inform you if the watch is available or if we can procure it for you. Please note that a refundable deposit may be required before we initiate the process of sourcing a watch, and it could take several months to locate and refurbish the watch to meet Montrez & Co. quality standards. Additionally, you have the option to add the watch to your wishlist on our website or mobile app. This way, you can easily check if the desired watch has become available in our stock. We value your interest and are dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience in finding the perfect timepiece.
Will the strap or bracelet fit my wrist?
We understand the importance of a watch fitting comfortably on your wrist. While we strive to provide as much information as possible about the dimensions and specifications of our watches, it is recommended to visit one of our showroom or consult with a Client Advisor for precise details regarding the fit of a specific strap or bracelet. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you in determining the suitability of the strap or bracelet for your wrist size. They can provide guidance on potential adjustments, alternate options, or recommend additional resources to ensure the best fit possible. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to help you find a watch that not only matches your style but also fits comfortably on your wrist.
How do I sell my watch?
At Montrez & Co., we have streamlined the process of selling your watch for your convenience. To initiate the selling procedure, simply visit the "Sell With Us" page on our website. There, you can provide detailed information about your watch, along with a few accompanying pictures. Our team will promptly respond to your submission, either with additional inquiries or with a quote for selling your watch. Once you have accepted the quote, we will facilitate the process by providing a prepaid and fully insured shipping label. This label ensures the safe transportation of your watch to our facility. Upon receiving and inspecting your watch, we will expedite payment within 72 hours. We value efficiency and transparency, and our aim is to ensure a seamless selling experience for you. For further details and additional information, please refer to the dedicated "Sell With Us" page on our website.
Can I get trade-in my watch?
Indeed, Montrez & Co. gladly accepts trade-ins involving timepieces of various values. Whether the trade-in watch holds a greater, lesser, or equal value, we offer a flexible approach. The difference in value can be credited towards the purchase of a timepiece of higher value than the trade-in. Alternatively, if the chosen watch has a lower value than the trade-in, we can issue a payment to accompany the trade. Preliminary trade-in values can be initially discussed through phone and email communication. However, it's important to note that all timepieces must undergo inspection, authentication, and appraisal by our team of specialists. This thorough evaluation ensures an accurate determination of the ultimate trade value. For complete details regarding our trade-in process, we encourage you to visit our dedicated "Trade" page. There, you will find comprehensive information outlining the steps involved and the criteria for trade-in transactions. We strive to provide a transparent and rewarding trade-in experience for our clients.

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