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What is the process to consign a watch?
To consign a watch is a simple and straightforward. Obtain a quotation by providing your watch's details through our submission form. Ensure you include the brand, model, reference number, year of purchase, clear photos, and a description of the watch's condition. It's important to note that your watch must have its original papers to be eligible for consignment.
How can I locate the watch reference number?
To locate your watch's reference number, start by reviewing any accompanying paperwork, warranty card, or the case itself. The reference number is often provided on these documents. If you don't have access to such documents, certain watch brands engrave the reference number on the caseback. It may be helpful to distinguish between the serial number (unique to your watch) and the reference number, as both could be engraved on the caseback. If you're uncertain about identifying the reference number, you can share images, particularly of the caseback, and our team can assist you in locating it.
How to determine the value of my watch?
The value of your watch is influenced by several factors, including its condition, accessories like the box and accompanying documents, and its current resale value on the secondary market.
How soon can I expect to receive the evaluation?
Upon receiving your submission, we strive to provide you with an evaluation within 48 hours.
Can I discuss and negotiate the consignment offer?
Totally yes. Although we will provide our price suggestion, the price that you want to list on our MTX Marketplace is entirely up to you. Don't hesitate to engage with us for a comprehensive understanding of the offer and to explore potential opportunities for a more favorable arrangement.
How soon will I receive the payment after the consigned watch is sold?
After your watch has been sold and the buyer's return period concludes, we'll process your payment Immediately.
Is it possible to sell my watch directly to Montrez & Co. without going through the consignment process?
Yes. Montrez & Co. is not only a consignment platform; we also purchase watches from customers outright. Please check our "Sell Your Watch" section.
What is the duration of the consignment period? Can I opt for a shorter consignment period for my watch?
The shortest consignment period available is 30 calendar days. If you desire to have your timepiece returned within this minimum period, please be aware that there is an administrative fee of HK$ 3,000.
Why am I charged if I take back the consigned watch within 30 calendar days from the start of the consignment period?
This charge covers expenses related to authentication, professional photography, marketing, as well as in-store handling, display, and storage.
Is it possible to place my watch on consignment without physically sending the watch to Montrez & Co.?
Not possible at the moment! Our consignment service requires a physical examination of all consigned watches at our K11 Atelier showroom to ensure their authenticity and present their true condition to potential buyers.
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