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Tudor Fastrider Chronograph 42mm 42000D Red Dial

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The Tudor 42000 Chronograph marks the inception of the entire Fastrider family, this stainless steel mechanical chronograph, with a 42mm width, was born during an exciting phase for the Swiss watchmaker, coinciding with its rebranding.

This timepiece presents a fresh perspective on chronographs within the Rolex/Tudor lineage while preserving a sense of familiarity with its illustrious heritage. Adorned with prominent Arabic numerals, semi-skeletonized hands, and distinctly sporty sub-registers, it exudes a revitalized charm and distinctive personality. A unique stripe on the right side of the dial further accentuates its individuality.

With its steel tachymeter bezel, wearable proportions, and a robust build, Tudor seamlessly incorporates the best elements of its historical connection with Rolex, all while displaying its own characterful charisma. The Tudor 42000 Chronograph captures the essence of a brand in transition, embracing its legacy while boldly charting a new path in the world of horology.

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