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Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph 36mm 116264 White Index Dial (Oyster Bracelet)

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The Rolex Turn-O-Graph, though often overlooked today, holds a significant place in the brand's history. Initially positioned as a sports watch, it surprisingly gained popularity among pilots. Many contemporary watch enthusiasts may not readily recognize this iconic Rolex timepiece, but it served as the muse for several of Rolex's acclaimed models. Unfortunately, in 2011, Rolex made the regrettable decision to discontinue the Turn-O-Graph line, leaving only pre-owned pieces available for collectors.

Nonetheless, the Rolex Turn-O-Graph's legacy endures through its enduring influence on subsequent Rolex watches. Its distinctive image and rotating bezel function have left an indelible mark on classics like the Rolex Submariner and GMT Master. In this comprehensive review, we aim to shine a long-overdue spotlight on the timeless yet underappreciated Turn-O-Graph, reaffirming its rightful place in Rolex's storied heritage. It's a testament to the enduring impact of this remarkable watch on the world of horology and design.


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