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SevenFriday Industrial Revolution 47mm P2-2

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Sevenfriday is a brand that emerged from the realm of social media, notably gaining recognition through its affiliation with WatchAnish. Established in 2012, the brand's timepieces pay homage to the world of industrial design, setting a unique tone in the horological landscape. Sevenfriday consciously caters to a younger demographic, positioning itself as a lifestyle brand with a finger on the pulse of modern tastes.

My personal attraction to the brand stems from its distinctive design ethos and strong brand identity. Sevenfriday has a remarkable ability to craft genuinely unique timepieces that don't carry an exorbitant price tag.

When it comes to the watches themselves, they make an indelible impression. With a substantial 47mm case size, these timepieces command attention on the wrist, leaving a lasting mark with their striking presence.


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